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Different Types of Fires to Heat the Home

During the cold winter months in the UK, it is very important that we are able to keep warm. This is especially true for homes where old people and children reside. These days we have many options for warming the home, and regardless of the size of your rooms or your budget you will be able to find their heating solution that suits your needs. Here we look at some of the different options available today.

Gas stoves

Gas stoves look great, and they are very easy to use. They are also practical as they do not take much room and heat control is very efficient. You can vary the flame height, and some gas stoves even come with a remote control, which makes them an excellent option for the elderly who may have trouble getting up from their chair. There are many styles of gas stoves on the market, you can choose from an old-fashioned ornate stove or go for a more modern and contemporary model.

Wall mounted electric fires

Wall mounted electric fires are an extremely versatile heating option and easy to maintain. They come in many different sizes so you are bound to get the perfect size for your room, no matter how small or large it is. This type of heating is a great choice for modernistic rooms as it is sophisticated and sleek. The very realistic looking flame will give the room a warm atmosphere. Provided you have wall space, wall mounted fires are a great choice as they can be fixed anywhere without the need for a chimney.

Wall mounted gas fires

Wall mounted gas fires are a great way to keep your groom warm as well as giving it an elegant look. As these fires are to be hung on the wall you do not need a lot of floor space, so they are ideal for smaller rooms where space might be limited. Like the electric version, there is no need for a chimney, so they are a great easy-to-maintain and attractive heating solution.

Multifuel Stoves
Multifuel stoves are becoming increasingly popular. Fuel prices are constantly rising, and depending on where you live you may find that gas is sometimes more expensive than electricity or vice versa. With a multifuel stove you can easily switch from gas and electric and back again depending on which type of fuel is more economical, so this heating solution will save you money and allow you to keep your bills as low as possible. They also give out a lot of heat in proportion to the amount of fuel they use, so for several different reasons they are a cost-effective choice of home heating.