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Getting the Most Out of Your Persian Carpet

There is very little that can’t be said about stunning authentic hand-woven Persian carpets, especially traditional Persian pink rugs like I have at home. A perfectly placed piece will without a doubt add elegance and comfort to any home. Persian carpets can be used either as elegant floor rugs or decorative wall hangings. One of the best parts of owning a Persian carpet is that when it is looked after correctly, the piece will actually increase in the value of time, making them an elegant investment.

It is important to maintain the rich colors, luster and intrinsic value of a genuine Persian carpet and to do this you simply need to follow a few very practical tips relating to the placement of carpet or rugs, the storage of the pieces and the meticulous cleaning the rugs and carpets need.

Avoid sun damage to your Persian Carpet

You may not know this but direct sunlight or even oblique exposure of your Persian Carpet to UV rays can cause damage to the rug in the form of fading the colors. Another major factor in the damage of a Persian Carpet as a result of the sun is that the UV rays fade and will dry out the natural oils in the fibers making up the carpet. This type of damage causes the pile to become very brittle and even more vulnerable to damage. This is especially prevalent in areas which experience high traffic volumes.

To overcome this type of damage it is important to ensure that your Persian Carpets are exposed to as little sunlight as possible. If you plan on placing your Persian Carpet directly in front of a window you may want to ensure that you have placed a protective UV screen coating on the window. Another alternative is to make sure that you keep curtains closed during bright daylight hours.

Avoid wear and tear through rotation

If you plan on placing your Persian Carpet in an area of high traffic you need to take note that wool or silk pile in a Persian carpet is susceptible to damage especially if people will be walking over it regularly. To avoid damage from wear and tear you need to make sure that the carpet is rotated on a regular basis. By doing this you will ensure that you get an even wear across the entire carpet.

Rising damp and mildew

Rising damp and mildew can be detrimental. If a Persian Carpet stays wet for an extended time it will form mildew and also dry rot. The type of damage is often irreparable. You Persian Carpet could be exposed to wet conditions if it is stored in dark and damp areas. This can also happen if it is stored in an area with a leaking roof. If you notice that your Persian Carpet is wet, you should immediately lay the piece out in the sun to dry. Aid this process by using a sponge to soak up the excess water. Do not leave the carpet in the sun for an extended period of time.