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Make Your Bathroom a Luxury Space

Having a luxury bathroom right in your home gives you a wonderful relaxing space to retreat, and escape from the pressures and stresses of a working day. These days there are many styles of bathtubs and luxury bathroom furnishings that help give a bathroom a luxurious atmosphere, including freestanding baths, heated floors and even waterproof TVs.

Water Jet Baths

You will find many baths on the market that have water jets incorporated. These spurt out streams of water that help to sooth tired aching muscles. You will also find a number of waterfall baths for sale which pour water from overhead tabs. The sound of the water pouring into the bath creates a relaxing sound and many bathers find it soothing.

Freestanding Baths

Considering contemporary 1800mm freestanding baths is the ideal choice if you want to lie back and relax. Freestanding bathtubs have become very fashionable in recent years – and you will find many styles and designs to choose from. If space is a problem in your bathroom, you may have to take a rain check on the largest standard sized 1800mm freestanding baths and go for a smaller 1300mm or 1500mm version instead. Providing you are not overly tall, even the smaller sizes allow you to soak your entire body and stretch your legs out without having to bend your knees.

High Tech Fixtures

Nowadays, you can buy some very high-tech gadgets to help make your bathroom an even more inviting space. One such gadget is an “intelligent tap”. This uses facial recognition to identify each household member, and remembers their individual ideal water temperature and flow settings. You can also access your email, a daily planner and the weather forecasts for the day while you are taking a bath.

For anyone who hates sitting on a cold toilet seat, there is the possibility of purchasing an electrically heated seat which has a 12 volt thermal circuit that will keep the seat warm at around 23 degrees.

It is furthermore covered with an antimicrobial compound to stop the growth of bacteria or mildew.


For a bathroom to be truly luxurious, you might want to look at furniture with a rich tone, such as cabinets with a wood finish. While all marble bathroom or those with stone floors and granite tops may be durable and very practical, they do not feel as relaxing as when you use a more traditional furniture type. Flooring made from hardwood in an opulent cherry, oak or mahogany tone will help make your bathroom appear more inviting.


You will also need to consider the lighting in the bathroom, as getting this wrong can spoil the effect of luxuriousness. Getting it exactly right can be challenging, because the bathroom is usually quite a small space, but it needs to be well lit without the light being overpowering. Many house owners find dimmer lights to be a good choice for the bathroom, as the light can be adjusted to suit what you are doing. You will also need to consider window coverings to make sure your privacy is not compromised, and this will probably reduce the amount of natural light into the room.