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Things You Need to Know About A UK Loft Conversion

The area between the ceiling and the roof of your house is significant and could be the game changer in how you effectively save on space in your home. There are many spaces of your house that you may not realize that they exist while they could be the solution to your storage and living problems. The loft area is one of the areas that has long been under-looked while people crumble for space beneath. One way to reclaim the space in your house is to convert the lost space into a room or storage area. Here is some for the information that you could find of value in the process of turning this space.

Planning Permissions

Before setting out to work on your loft, you need to check on the requirements you will need for the conversion which is granted as a Permitted development. For this, you need to check with your local planning office to avoid inconveniences with the law.

Building Approval

There will be regular checkups by a building control surveyor who works as an inspector of your build and the officer responsible for issuing a completion certificate upon the last inspection. If your home is semi-detached or terrace, it is required by the law to inform your neighbors to alert them of future potential disturbances.

Is Your Loft Convertible?

There are several things you need to consider to verify if it is reasonable to convert your loft. Here are some questions you need to ask yourself.

What is the available head height?

The requirements for building a living space are to have an area of height not exceeding 2.0m. Therefore, if the space between the ceiling and the roof are above the 2-meter point, then you are free to start your build. if in doubt, get in touch with a building firm.

Are there any obstacles?

There may be several obstacles blocking the loft such as the chimney or a storage tank. You need to consider if the barriers are essential than space. If the obstructions are more important than space, you can redesign them or do away with the conversion, but if they are not as important, you can get rid of them.

What is the roof structure?

The roof structure is determinant of the shape of the room with most roofs slanting down sharply rendering one side unusable. The shape of the roof will enable you to plan on how the room will look and its layout.

It is very fulfilling to know that you have maximized your living space and that the costs you have saved can be applied to other pressing activities. Spaces especially in the urban areas are costly and utilising a loft space is a God-given chance to save. Have fun converting your loft space and outsource some more information before you set out to take this critical task.